Part ID from pic 1997 EFI Hijet


i am trying to find the sodding fuel filter on this enigma of a bloody van!
i have followed the fuel line out of the carbs and straight under van in to tank. i cant see anything that resembles a fuel filter!

can anyone tell me what the heck this plastic empty pot is?
it sits under the passenger seat.
it has 2 small hoses in/out on the top. the hoses go in to some kind of switch looking thing.

Fuel filter...

Is this diagram any help? Will have a look for mine when I get a moment and feed back to you.

I seem to recall my mechanic telling me something about a charcoal filter in that canister in your photo. Something to do with excess fuel vapours? Don't really know what I'm talking about. The manual I have describes a charcoal canister in the maintenance section as part of the 'fuel evaporation and emission control device, to be checked every 24000 miles for clogging'. Also look for 'damage to piping and operation of check valve'(don't know what or where check valve is).

You seem to know more than me about mechanics Leopard. Sorry.


cheers for that. yep

cheers for that.
yep charcoal filter in the pic.
the 1st pic looks like its a LHDrive van as the canister is on the opposite side..
from diagram, it looks like its under the van. will have another look for it today
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First question: Is that a

First question: Is that a workshop manual for the 993cc engine I see there? If so, where on earth did you get it? I could really do with one for my own van, but keep finding ones for the 1.3.

And thanks guys, I was trying to work out where my fuel filter was as well. Smile