No Ignition, need a wiring diagram


I have a 97 993cc Hijet.
It will not start, and no sparks.
Electronic Ignition is new to me, aged 63.
I relly need a wiring diagram of the ignition circuits.
I have changed the ECU, - no sparks. There is 12v at the coil.
I wonder if an older vehicle distributer with points and normal coil can be fitted also, but if anyone can help, it would be good.


Have you renewed the distributor cap and rotor arm?

Should I get a spark

Should I get a spark directly from the coil, from the lead TO the distributor (king lead)



Sent you another bunch of diagrams. Please check your email.


no ignition, need a wiring diagram

I did take off the cap and scrape all the grey junk off the four pins. The centre sprung brush was fine.
I cleaned the brass rotor point and brush centre point too.
I never checked fo a spark from the centre (King) lead though.

Coil etc..............

Remove any spark plug, reconnect the HT lead, place the plug's electrode against the engine block, crank the engine and look for a spark at the plug. [hold the spark plug with insulated pliers]
Look for any hairline cracks in the rotor and distributor cap. Cracks can be very difficult to view with naked eye. If cracked renew.
Remove the coil and clean the contact to earth. Also remove and clean the small leads fixed to the coil. One of the leads should be live 12v.
Check for live HT lead from the coil to the distributor cap. If 'dead' change the coil or borrow one as a test. If 'live' the problem would be within the distributor/electronic ignition.

No spark

HI me been an old Diahatsu techy,at the back where the battery is check that it hasnt become lose.If not, on positive lead underneath the car make sure it hasnt rotted on the small plastic connector.You can do this by trying to pull it apart it will be probaly broken.Make a good repair and it should burst into life.Hope this helps Mick49

Mick H