fourtrak 4x4 dont work


i wonder if any one can help me. i own a fourtrak on a 88 f plate and the 4x4 dont work i engage the 3 weeling hubs then put it into 4 low and only the rear wheels spin. then i pressed the the 4h button and still nothing happened the 4h light dont even cum on i can hear the relay cliking on the drivers side under the dash and the relay clicks wen changing from 2h into 4l im wondering if its a electrical problem or just the transfer box can any one help regards dean

transfer box maybe

If your putting it in four low and still nothing i would suggest its the transfer box gone (unless someones nicked your front prop shaft lol) get someone to look underneath to see if the front prop spins as you drive, if it does then its either differential, half shafts, cv joints or hubs, just do a process of elimanation, quite simple really.

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!
youtube: Redfourtrack