How to fix a smokey Cuore (847cc engine)



Instead of asking questions, I thought i'd offer a little info I have discovered.

Seems that info on the cuore is very few and far between, and I feel kinda on my own in regards to fixing etc.

Anyway, my cuore started smoking quite bad when high revving or under load.

So, Thought I'd do my best to get nice clean air in the engine.

Inside the standard airbox was lots of oil, not nice. Rip all that stuff off the car.

Go to B&Q and get some 40mm waste pipe - it's the same size for the cuore inlet. Then on ebay I bought a motorbike cone filter for about £6. Bolted altogether and heypresto, looking better, clean air.

There was a pipe going from the back left of engine into the old air filter. I have routed that to a coke bottle and made some holes in the bottle so the car can breathe still, if that get's blocked the car won't run.

On top of the engine is the crank case breather hose, it goes to the throttle body. It was sucking oil from the breathing head into the throttle body and again, causing the smoke. So, take pipe off the rocker cover and let that vent to atmosphere (or get a catch tank which I intend to do shortly). Block off the pipe that goes to the throttle body, you don't want any unmetered air getting in there, might make it run too lean.

After that, the engine will be taking nice clean air, not smokey oily air, and after driving for a bit I noticed the car felt much more unrestricted, doesn't smoke at all, and does feel a little more 'revvy'.

There you go, wanted to share with all, cause i see so many cuores for sale that are 'smokey' and bet 80% of them are the above problem!