Sportrak front wheel bearings


Hi, My L reg Sportrak has digraced itself by failing its mot on rear springs, rusty rear chassis (all in hand) and excessive play in front wheelbearings.

A quick look at the manual seems to indicate lots of special tools needed. 2 questions:

1. Can they be "tightened"? My truck only does 1500 - 2000 miles a year.
2. If not, can the average bodger get away without using all the special tools?

Many thanks, Peter

bodge away

yes they can be tightened, i didnt even need to take off the wheel.

remove (carefully) the locking hubs and all the clips and spring clips behing them that will be in the way of the bearing.
behind all this there is a plate with many holes and held in by 3 cross head screws, undo these screws being carefull not to round them off then carefully tap the face of the bearing clockwise untill your lined up for the next set of holes in that retaining/locking plate you removed.
when the desired amount has been reached, re-assemble your hub being carefull that every thing is exactly the same as it was before. especialy the spring clip which is elementary in opperating your auto locking hubs

Thanks for the info -

Thanks for the info - Bodging is almost as much fun as.... Driving.


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