Coolant leaking from pipe next to thermostat...


Hi people,
I've recently put a new rad in my sportrak. It seems to have developed a leak from the heater matrix pipe next to the thermostat housing. (the one that has the matrix hose with a small coolant line to the injection manifold) I've tried new jubilee clamps, put the original pressure clamps on and the leak still persists....

could this be a simple issue of new pressure clamps (i think jubilee clamps "pinch" and cause a leak)

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Remove the pipe and check to see if a crusty build up has built up on the outside of the pipe where the rubber hose fits, if so clean it with a nylon pan scrubber. Check the rubber hose for internal and external damage, if damaged replace with new hose.

If the leak is on the metal pipe itself it is a pinhole in it.