Advice on SPORTRAK Problem- Please HELP!


OK, Complicated problem!

I have a 1990 Sportrak EL with 235/75/R15 Tyres. I have calculated that I am getting 20 MPG. Is this a true reading?

Do the larger tyres mean im actually getting more MPG?

It makes my head hurt thinking about it.

It also looks like the suspension has been lifted at some stage in its life. Will this make a difference. I nearly died when I saw it was only doin 20 MPG, so any ideas apprieciated.

Also, is my speedo wrong if I have big tyres? Have I been unwittingly goin through speed cameras over the limit?

If I don't post again, please bail me out of jail!



Hi Sarah, I have a 1991 Spor

Hi Sarah,
I have a 1991 Sportrak EFi with 235/75/R15 wheels.
What you should find is that your doing approx. 5% faster on your speedo, so at 30 mph on your speedo means your going 31.5 mph and at 70 mph your going at 73.5 mph! So don't worry too much about cameras!
So yes these larger tyres do mean your getting more mpg, however even with this taken into account with your mpg is quite low. I manage to get approx 28 - 30 mpg.


Ok, Ive been to the garage today.

Had the timing checked- FINE
Had the brakes checked- Not Binding

How can I get more MPG or am I stuck with it?

better mpg

I seem to remember when i thought about fitting bigger tyres one of the drawbacks was an increase in fuel consumption due to the extra effort needed to turn bigger/heavier wheels.

If the car car is mechanically sound, then you could perhaps try fitting a free-flow K&N-type air filter, some people say that improves MPG (although i dont personally have any experience of them).

What sort of driving do you do mostly? I find around uni (west london) when stop-start in traffic, with some slightly quicker runs, my consumption can be bad - try keeping the revs as low as possible. Its possible to drive mine quite reasonably at just over 2000 revs. I find even in 30 limits im in 5th gear!

Also, if you do longer, faster runs, dont be temped to go over 70 cos mine drinks gallons then!!

Hope you can get better consumption soon!

I dont think the car likes me very much!

Hiya Nat,

Im starting to think it's not the tyres, or anthing mechanical, the car just hates me! No really! It's a little bugger! I mean it's even worse than the Suzuki I had before. That used to deteste mechanics, taking every available opportunity to rip ones hand of, or electricute them. Seriously. When I first had it, I found this clutch of tools hidden in a corner of the engine, only they weren't normal tools, they were all mangled and broke. When it started to have electrical problems I expected to find the body of some poor mechanic jammed inside the steering column. The Daihatsu is like satan incarnate compared to that!

I normally do fairly long runs, with a few short ones when I feel like showing my face at uni.

What do you mean 70MPH? My sporty starts disintegrating at 60! It makes a noise like a dog inside a washing machine.

I'm not going to get rid of it because I've grown quite attached to it, but ideas on how to get more MPG much apprieciated!



I presume that you have acarb model. What is the co reading.

I have found that fitting new plugs, leads, car, rotor and getting a good garage with mot gear to set the emisions is well worth it.

I get about 25 - 28 on average.



just Passes MOT

Hi Paintandtrim,

Its just passed an MOT with flying colours! I wish I got as much MPG as you mate!

Sarah, When my Sporty came


When my Sporty came along, the MPG was bad enough to actually have me grubbing around under the back end looking for leaks. But as someone else said, a good service with new rotor arm/dis.cap/plugs/airfilter raises the game a bit. They ain't never going to be super economical, but keep on top of the tuning game and it'll be OK.
PS wher in Stoke RU? I'm in Wolstanton.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty


Service a Sportrak??? I realised today that i've had mine since late October 2002 and its not been serviced at all. Not even changed the oil Shok I think i'll have to do it very soon.

N-Reg Daihatsu Sportrak Midnight. A-Bar, K&N, 100Watt Spots, Custom S/Steel Wheel Cover, S/Steel Sillbars, more to follow!


Sporty service!

Oh dear Lurch!! Mental note for future reference... N-reg Sporty Midnight, with shiny bits on, for sale in Worcester... do not buy!!! "Full service history"... only had one!?!?!

I'm on my second service and only had it a year! (no wonder ive got no money!)

PS - are you up for a midlands daihatsu meet??


What CO reading did u get?

Another thing to check is that the brakes arnt binding a bit.

Best rec is to change air filter, plugs and leads, you would be amazed at the differnce it can make.



Air filter

Ive decided to change the air filter. Also when I had the car (rescued it from a car lot) it had been standing for six months, so the calipers on the brakes had seized up. These were freed but the breaks have been getting really hot so I had it rechecked yesterday and they are fine. I keep telling myself its gotta be ok cause Its passed an mot and been serviced in the last month.
I just hope its temper improves!

Mine improved with much TLC a

Mine improved with much TLC and a few quid spent on service bit's and yours will too!

Do you know any good off - road tracks around the Endon way? theres nowt around Wolstanton.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Off roading

There's no off road tracks as such, but of course the begining of the pennines is just up the road, (the roaches). If you leave the main road you end up off roading any way. I had to visit a farm bakers the other day near buxton, only it started to snow, and when it snows up there you know about it! She'd given me these directions that lead me to her farm, only there wasn't really a road! And when is snowing you can tell where all the sheep are so it's pot luck making sure you dont hit one. I've seen alot of 4x4's leave and join the road opposite the turning for dalehead on the buxton road out of leek. I might just follow one day!


Good servicing

Not suprisingly I am hoping to service it very soon as its revs suddenly drop when trying to pull away atm which i've decided is down to the lack of service ;).

I am up for a Midlands Daihatsu meet definately. Hopefully will be more successful than the attempt at a Yorkshire one Wink

N-Reg Daihatsu Sportrak Midnight. A-Bar, K&N, 100Watt Spots, Custom S/Steel Wheel Cover, S/Steel Sillbars, more to follow!


Hiya Dave

Hey Dave,

Wolstanton really?

I come from down the road in Endon. U know it? Not many people do! full of cows and sheep and thats just the people Biggrin


Re: Sportrak with a grudge!!

Glad im not your mechanic then!

So your a uni student to, like me!! Which uni are you at then... is it Keele up your way?? Im at Brunel.

My Sporty flies along!! I've read a few people who've commented on sportraks and say they struggle to overtake - i have to struggle to slow mine down! It only gets shacky at about 85. I've had mine at 90 (altho only on a still day, would be leathal in a wind), but not for long - you can almost see the fuel gauge going down at that speed!! It pulls wonderfully when it comes to overtaking, especially at about 70-75.

Someone on here was asking about fitting a fuel cat type of product, dont know if they did it in the end, or if it really does help consumption??


We can swap if you like!

Some days, when there's a hill in the distance you can feel the cars resentment!
Once it just refused to go up.
I definitely wouldn't feel comfortable overtaking in mine.

Im at staffs uni, but the campus is in Newcastle. Biggest mistake I ever made!


Air element

Check if the air filter element is clean. Take close look --- it might look clean but is it blocked? A replacement air filter could be cheaper than the fuel you are wasting.