Full Size steel spare wheel for YRV


Hello Folks,

We have just become the proud owners of a 2001 YRV with standard steel wheels, running 165/65x14 tyres.

The car has a skinny spacesaver spare wheel but I'd feel more comfortable with a full size spare - and there's plenty of room under the plywood false floor I've put in so that our elderly dog has an easier task getting in and out of the car.

We live on the Hants/Sussex/Surrey border in UK - can anyone suggest a good place to pick up a full size steel wheel to use as a spare, please? (Going by the amount of alloys being fitted there must be a huge warehouse filled with the things somewhere!!)

Thanks in advance,


If no one comes forward with

If no one comes forward with any for sale then you have a couple of options:

- Try having a look on E-bay for some

- Check out your local scrap yard

- Try on-line by using a website such as: www.247spares.co.uk which will send out your request to any scrapyard and you may get lucky.

Also bare in mind that the YRV uses 100x4 studded wheels so you could in theory if only after steel wheels and no spcific Daihatsu alloys could get any type of wheel that has the 100x4 stud pattern as long it's the right size and ET rating you have now. A lot of the Daihatsu car range use the same wheels, I.E Daihatsu Sirion for one.

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Thanks Jpor

Thanks Jpor -have sent off a request to 24/7 and will keep an eye on ebay before resorting to finding a scrapyard.

Much appreciated,


How much? Really? How can anything cost that much?