Hi All,

We are team Moustache-to-Mongolia and we're doing the MONGOL RALLY 2009! We have so far raised £1600 for charity (Christina Nobles Children's Foundation and Hope and Homes for Children), and we hope to top £2000 by the time we leave from Goodwood on July 18th

We are currently preparing our 2000 Terios 1.3 for the 10,000 mile trip to Ulan Bataar; there's a couple of things we love to hear from people about if they have any information on the following:

1. PETROL TANK GUARD, does anyone make one? had anyone made one in the past? What's the best way to mount one? We are scratching our heads about this at the moment...

2. SPARE RIMS, we need some spare rims (we will be fitting desert tyres to them), we dont mind if they dont match the ones on our car (in the middle of the Gobi Desert it will only be us looking at it!), steel or alloy it doesn't matter! Does anyone have any they would like to donate to our chartiable cause? or know where we can get some cheapies?

3. WISDOM & GUIDANCE, Does anyone have any nuggets of wisdom about doing something like this in a Terios? There must be loads of things we've overlooked...

We'd love to hear from you, please get in touch, thank you for reading this.

Best regards,
Dom Nokes
(The Dom-half of Moustache to Mongolia, Mongol Rally 2009)

Some Minor Recommendations.

Great to see some charity work being done by the humble Terios. I have one too. I would reccommend at least a nudge bar to protect your radiator etc and some spot lights for night driving. Also if fuel stops are few and far between than I would recommend a couple of jerry cans (also if you get lost). If you decide to take all your fuel then estimate how much you need per km and then add 25% on top of that. Don't forget that you car will be loaded so fuel consumption will be greater. This is optional, If you're going on the rough stuff, lower your tyre pressures abit so that you minimise punctures. When on the flat, pump them back up so that you don't risk cooking the tyres. Carry 2 spares if you can and you can also purchase a tyre plugging puncture repair kit which is dirt cheap if you want. Check that your battery is up to the task and won't give up on you midway. Obviously make sure the car has a proper, thorough service prior to the rally. Hope this info doesn't add more stress. It's just me being paranoid I guess. Smile