Head Gasket


Hi all, only had my sporty for a few months and so far am very impressed, however its recently got very poorly, the head gasket and the clutch are both on their way out. was wondering what else i should or can replace while the engines in pieces, I was going to do the belts, skim the head and give it a general clean, but is there anything else i should be replacing?

Any help greately appreciated



head gasket

i would take the radiator out and give it a good clean because its easier to get at to take the bottom hose off try and find out why the head blew in the first place mine was the radiator getting covered in mud and the vicious not locking onto 2nd speed i would put a electric fan in new oil filter cant think of anything else


Sporty with head off.

I have just removed mine, so many pipes and nuts but an easy job. Mine wasn't the gasket but a corner off the no 2 exhaust valve so worth checking them for cracks.

Change all the belts and in my case I have cleaned the head out which was coated in black old oil which was flacking off.

Back flush the rad and flush through the engine once reassembeled and then replenish with good anti freeze mix. Clean up the body work behind the gill both inside and outside checking for corrosion on the lower grill panel.

Good luck


M J Young