Chassis parts for a 4track


Please can anyone tell me if it is possible to get a replacement cross tube for the 4track. The part I need is the round tube that runs above the back axle and hold the axle top mounts. Mine has rusted out completely and if I can't get this then I think its terminal.
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get it made

I dont think you can get such items of the shelf, all you have to do is take the vehicle/measurements to a competent fabricating company and it can be made - after all its only a bit of metal that needs re welding in, but that said depending on what sort of motor you have/ how much you paid it is probably cheaper to sell it and buy another fourtrak as they are two a penny lol

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!
youtube: Redfourtrack


These are not available, but engineering or fabrication companies will be able to fabricate one for you.

When it is installed ensure the chassis is Ok where it mounts and follow a few simple procedures to prevent it rusting out again.

Buy two plastic plugs for the open ends of the tubes, these simply tap in and are available from engineering suppliers. Spray the inside of the tube with waxoil to prevent rusting, do this several times to ensure good coverage then plug the ends with the plastic plugs. Coat the inside of the chassis rails again, this will ensure the protection around the newly welded tube is reinstated, or better still, do the whole chassis while you are at it.