hi i dont know if anyone can shed any light on this but i have a vibration problem on my fourtrak fieldman its a 94 f73

i was driving it a few weeks ago and had terrible feedback through the steering, pulled over to investigat and found the whole hub to be loose, i still had about 15 mile to drive so i put it in fourwheel drive because this tuck some of the play out.

limped it home and kept speed below 40. just as i was about half a mile fom home there was an awful vibration start so i carried on got home stripped it down and the wheel bearing had come loose i thought this was the problem to begin with. i tightened it all back up and all was good

started to drive it down the road a couple of days later and after about 2 mins drivin the vibration started again and then stopped after about 20 seconds and now it does it intermitanly but never for the first two mins of driving.

sorry for the long post but thought i would give alot of details to try and diagnose the problem

thanks in advance