fuel filter problems


i just bough a 1986 daihatsu rocky 2.8 non turbo about 2 months ago and the previous owner had change the diesel filter head to some heavy duty one so it can use filters from backhoe and besides the point that is realy expensive and hard to find here in my country its giving me problems acumulating water in it........so i would love to replace it with the original one but unfortunately again here in my country there is not many parts for daihatsu rocky unless i finds one on a junk yard but thats not going to happen either so i would like to know if its the same one from toyota hilux or landcruiser or even patrol, please let me know thanks.


The original unit was a Bosch unit, these were fitted to Daihatsu, some Toyota, most french cars, and many toyota trucks. Similar items were also fitted to the Mitsubishi Shogun.

Perhaps it may pay top find a breaker in the UK and pay for one to be shipped out, this way it will retain the authenticity of the vehicle and the original filters.