Vibration in gas/accelerator pedal


Hello again,
2nd post today...
I would really like to sort allll my 4trak's problems and have it run smooth and strong.
Now my problem is a vibration I get randomly (so it seems so far) right through the gas pedal??!! It started after I had the brakes serviced, discs and drums rectified, master cylinder redone and they had to take the Auto Hubs out obviously and found some damaged parts in them (nuts and things), had to hammer them out and fit them right back in after they were done. Did not replace or fix. So now I have this annoying vibration righ through and in my gas pedal. Any thoughts?
Thanks a lot.
I wish I could be of help sometimes too. I really appreciate all the advice I can get through the forum and those who take on their time to do so. Really.


Complex subject: but bodily vibrations can be anything.

Is this when the engine is running only and the vehicle stationary? if so it is usually engine or gearbox mountings.

Is it when the vehicle is moving constantly and in proportion to its speed? if so it would be the drivetrain. Check the propshaft universal joints and the wheel bearings, these are the most common along with the balance of the wheels and tyres.
In addition check the axle input bearings, front hubs,and ensure the propshafts are well and thoroughly greased, check the steering joints for play, and ensure these are well greased also.

Is it when the vehicle is only in 4 wheel drive, this means it is in the front drive train.

Check to ensure the new brake components have also been fitted properly, and the discs run true; i have seen them fitted without being cleaned and they run out of alignment.

Vibe in gas pedal itself

Thank you Assassin,

To be more specific, it is only when the vehicle is moving. The vibration is not constant. Not in proportion to speed at all. It is like a buzz on and off right in the pedal. I feel it right in my foot. It comes and go when applying pressure to the pedal. I couldn't give any better explanation. I feel it right in my foot on the gas pedal. I have other vibrations in the car and have to check props and UJs too. But that is different..or so it seems. But will check on what you are suggesting. Guess I will post when I get it solved.

Thanks a lot