Rear Load sensor 97 EFI 993cc


This weekend i used the van for carrying camping equipment for my club members. i dont know how heavy the load was. i had spread it evenly and it never came above the bottom of the windows (MPV).
i live near duel carriage ways so quite soon we were on one, 20 mins after joining the carriage way doing just over 65mph- maybe 67-68mph most the way, the van started juddering as if i had fuel starvation or the brakes were being applied in regular intervals. i let off the gas and it stopped. frightened the crap out of me, i am a new driver and loosing control of any vehicle is not a nice thing esp on a carriage way with possible pile up scenario.
it happened a 2nd time as we were heading down a hill a mile after the 1st juddering.

i am ruling out bad fuel as i had filled the tank 2 days previous and been using the van un-loaded up to 70mph (rarely i may add) on my way to/from work and it was running fine.

the only reference i have ever seen of a rear load sensor was someone had to put a breeze block in the back of the van to set it off for an MOT brakes test.

Did we over load the van and set the safety sensor off that in turn activated the brakes to slow us down?
if this IS the case.. what weight/speed does this kick in for future reference?


Hey Leopard,

Ok, the juddering that I experienced used to occur when I hit 65mph. This was poorly balanced wheels in my case. A sort of vibration at speed, which stopped when I eased off the accelerator.

After I got the alloys and had these trued and balanced properly, I can race up to 75mph without any sign of juddering.

Could this be what's happening to your van? Maybe just need to balance the wheels?

If there was fuel starvation, surely this would be more apparent...

Can't think of what else it could be...


this past weekend is the 1st

this past weekend is the 1st time its ever done it. i have driven up to 70 to get past slower cars with no problem. on duel carriageways i normally drive at 65 with no problem. the juddering wasnt light, not a viabration. it was harsh and very loud.
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