HEAD GASKIT (grand move)


ive blown the head gaskit on my grandmove has anyone ever replaced one. ive two questions......1. how much is the new gaskit to buy
2. how difficult is it to change on my own?

if anyone has done this please please post me the info or ill be scrapping a good little carand i know its still got some life in it lol:)

Head Gasket

Well I've just done one on a P Sortrak and it has been a pain and just gets worse. I have replaced loads of Heads on cars but this was the worst ever. Initially I lost compression on No 2 and onremoving the head found a broken valve crown. This was replaced and all the ex. valves removed and reground in using new oil seals. The head was replaced and I lost most of the compression on No 4 plus loads of smoke. So I removed the head again and replaced all the seals on the inlet side reground the valves in and replaced the head again. This seemed fine but then the problem became worse and the smoke was worse. Most coming from the rear of the head So I now suspect the head is warped or cracked having replaced all the oil seals on the valves and reground them all in and checked them for a good seal.

Like you I am considering whether to get a new head or scrap the car which is a P reg ad in really good nick. I live in France so am a bit stuck as these are rare out hear and I have 2 and as far as I am aware they are the only two in the region. It seems a shame to scrap a good motor but I am not sure whether the cost of a skimmed head and collection from UK is viable


M J Young