weak prolblems


hi all
i have a daihatsu 2.8 diesel non turbo and everytime, well not all the time but around 90% of the time when i start to shift gears from 1st to 4th or just 1st and 2nd and sometimes when i shift to 3rd the engine gets weak and eventhough i have the gas pedal all the way to the floor it just wont accelerate righ away instead it just weakens and than it starts to accelerate slowly and sometimes so bad that i thing the engine is going to stop. i was told it could be water in the diesel filter ( and it could be because it hasn't been change in probably for what i know when i bough it for a year) and i hope is the filter because i am thinking it could be as well the diesel pump I DONT KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IT COULD BE. i will apreciate any advise on what it could be it would help a lot. thanks in advance.

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Hi how old is the 4trak by the sounds none turbo OLD.The problem usually is the fuel filter,change the filter first,then if the problem persist blow back down fuel line in with compressed air.This will blow off the micro mesh filter on the pickup pipe in the tank which tends to block easily.DONT FORGET TO REMOVE FILLER CAP FIRST.Hope this helps Mick

Mick H

ok thanks

i thing i found the problem all i need now is time and money, it appears to the fuel filter just like you said and i though, the bastard is dirty and full of dirt and mud that the diesel doesnt pass to the injection pump and like i mension before it has not been change for at least a year or so. thanks again.