sportrak reverse polarity jumpstart


Yes, I have accidently tried to jump start my sportrak with the leads reversed and now have no electrics at all. Within seconds of attaching the leads the +ve terminal area strarted to fry. I did not try to start the vehicle and it was attached for about 5 seconds with the ignition off. I have checked obvious fuses and now am struggling.

Is there a main fusible link hidden somewhere? I realise this could be a very serious (as well as stupid) mistake, can anybody suggest what order to approach things in and what parts are more likely to be fried.Any help much appreciated. Sam

Fuse links.

Main fusable links are in-line and beneath the red cap on the positive terminal of the battery. All other fuses are behind the steering column in the footwell. Other than that the relays and looms are probably fried.

PS ... you might have killed the battery. Try/borrow a fresh battery.

Fuse links

I did the same stupid thing as the battery connectionsa re nearly the same size.

What can we do as my jeep does not have a fusible link on the battery.

What is the silver relay for in the fuse box.

Please help !!!!