Fourtrak central locking


Please can anyone help. I have recently bought a 1999 fourtrak TDX, the central locking works the two front doors but not the rear door. I had a 1995 foutrak and the central locking worked all 3 doors which was a lot more convinient. Does anyone know if this has been changed on purpose or I may have a fault on the rear door. I have looked in both manuals as i still have the 1995 model and it doesn't say it should or should not work the rear door. Thanks, any response appreciated.

Rear door locking

The rear door is seperate from the c/l,thats why it has a switch in the centre console.The only way to do this is to fit an alarm with c/l facility.Which has a complicated wiring with a relay.Dont ask me how it fits because Ive forgoten.Hope this helps Mick

Mick H


On some models it operates all doors, on others its only the front doors; does your model have the seperate console mounted switch for the rear door?

On many, not all; with the seperate switch this is used as the main operating switch for the rear door as opposed to the key fob. To operate all doors means running two wires from the main control unit to the back door.

First remove the door panel and operating the key fob with the door closed, and a multimeter connected, check for a pulse of voltage, if you have one power is being supplied when you operate the key fob. The problem is most likely the connection or motor operating the rear door lock. If it is the motor it can be replaced with a model motor, these are standard sizes and available from model shops for under £5. Strip the unit and remove the motor and they will match it for you. Alternatively Maplins do complete central locking motor assemblies, it may need the mounting plate modded to fit, but is a simple job.