Transfer case for F20 1.6


Right, I have spent the last hour searching the forum looking for a previous request as I am sure there must be, but I cannot seem to find one so please bare with me.

I am driving a 78 F20 and the transfer case has died, since I live in Aus I just cant get parts and the only parts I can get cost 3 times the value of the car, so! does anyone know of a transfer case that might fit without too much hard work???

I appreciate any advice.



On The Case

It depends what you mean by the transfer case has died, is it just worn, and can be rebuilt by a specialist with such things as bearings etc.

These transfer cases were fitted in early Toyota Hi-lux models, later ones were updated versions so an early one would be a straight swap. Later ones would fit but may require the gears to be changed to the correct ratio, so it may be beneficial to talk to a gearbox specialist on this issue.

the car is in with a

the car is in with a mechanic right now, he tells me that the case is stuffed as it pulls in and out and shouldn't I live in a mining town so we have no real specialist here and the case will need to be sent away to said specialist and the cost for the sending the quoting and returning, is the same as buying another 4x4! so I was hoping that I might find a wrecked donor vehicle. I think I will need to look into the old hilux model and see where that takes me. thanks for your reply.

if anyone can assist me in finding out which model to be looking for?


F20 Driver in Australia

F20 Driver in Australia

If you're in Australia it

If you're in Australia it will be a Toyota Hi-lux ute, it will need to be the 1.6 litre petrol engined model for a direct replacement. You can use the other later hi-lux models but the output gears will need replacement to the correct ratio, this is not a difficult job, but finding the right ratio gears may be. Stick with the Toyota parts bin, the early models will all have similar ratios.