idle problems on 1991 2.8td intercooled fourtrak


hi im new to daihatsu just got my self a fourtrak its developed an idle'ing problem when i let off the throttle the revs take a while to drop back to idle speed ive checked cable and its springing right back on the pump so no probs there. any ideas????

found an old post

after a little while scanning the forum posts i see another member has had the same problem and replies to his post suggest the injector pump which is what i was hoping it not to be!! my question now is are the pumps the same on the non intercooled 2.8td as i have two spare trucks for breaking earlyer models tho????


These are difficult problems to diagnose on a forum, but if the throttle response is very slow, and you have eliminated the cable it is most likely the pump.

The pump models may all be the same but they are all calibrated differently, turbo pumps deliver more fuel than non turbo pumps, and the turbo and non turbo pumps are calibrated differently for emissions requirements. I would suggest yours is most likely an internal wear problem and it can be on several areas of the pump, so it would be cheaper to take it to a diesel injection specialist. They have the equipment to diagnose the specific problem area, and rectify it, although if the problem is within the pump it would work out cheaper for them to recondition it for you. You will know that once its fixed, another problem will not occur internally.