problems with new sporty engine.


Hi, I have recently changed the engine in my sporty, and used all the old auxilleries. the engine appears to have a very rich fuel mixture, and pumping out black smoke from the exhaust. the timing is spot on as far as we know, what else could this problem be, we thought that somehow resetting the ecu will work.

any help hear would be much appreciated.



If you have replaced the engine check all the wiring connections, are they all in the correct positions, and are they all clean. Often removing connectors will highlight corrosion, once back together they will fail to connect properly, thus causing the system to work incorrectly.

Vehicle senders and sensors work on two principles, resistance and pulse generation. Resistance is the most problematic, dirty connections will increase resistance, telling the ECU the engine is doing something it is not, the system will compensate, wrongly, and problems occur. Pulse generation systems rely upon the system moving parts, they have teeth and the sensors create a small variable voltage due to magnetism, this is usually speed dependent. Corrosion will hamper the voltage recieved from the pulse generating sensor.

Remove every plug in sequence and clean thoroughly, check no wires are dislodged or broken from the plug, or corroded where they enter the plug. Work right through every connection back to the ECU, and ensure the main ECU earth is clean.

Check the engine main earth wire, this can often be the cause of many problems also.

hi assasin thanks for the

hi assasin

thanks for the reply i have checked all the plugs and the earth is clean and making a good conection. i have also run the diagnostics check on the ecu and it is indicating that it is a problem with either the ecu itself of the throttle position sensor (11 light pulses).