New sportrak owner with question


Hi guys I recently bought a sportrak 1991 on a j reg with some history and showing 64+ mileage, car drives really well other than when I purchased it was over heating badly.

I did a compression test and all was well there so I have replaced the thermostat, water pump and finally the radiator, which did improve things a lot but it is stiil getting a little too hot for my liking wether driving solo or towing our little caravan.

I have read the threads about the sticky viscous fan and I am intending to replace it with an electric fan and shroud off a corsa/astra/vectra unlees anyone has any better suggestions other than the expensive kenlowe route.

The car itself is a 1991 black 1.6 ELI with no extras, not even a stereo just a daihatsu blnking plate, other than a towbar I fitted.

We have owned 4x4s before 2 vitaras, 1 range rover vogue, 1 isuzu trooper and most recently a shabby disco, and we are pleased with our little daihatsu. I will post some pics soon as I am currently spraying the bottom half silver.

Thanks in advance

Cooling or not

First i would suggest draining the coolant and replace with water, run until the engine is hot, with the heater in the hot position, then drop the water. Note the colour, if it is mucky brown there is sludge in the cooling system, if it is clear it may well be compacted sludge and crud in the system.

Replace with clean water and cooling system cleaner, follow the manufacturers instructions and fully clean the entire system. Drain and flush with clean water, remove as many coolant hoses as possible and flush these with the hosepipe to remove any other trapped particles.

Slowly fill the cooling system with a 50/50 mix of water and anti-freeze, preferably with the vehicle nose slightly uphill, and bleed.

This may sound long winded but is extremely effective in removing any deposits formed over many years, and you should notice a difference.

With regard to the fan

With regard to the fan system, my preferred choice is the twin fan system of Peugeot diesels. One fan will be the main fan, the second will come in as and when required, this means manufacturing a new metal shroud for the radiator. Being a twin system means that the main fan will do the bulk of the work, but in extreme conditions the second fan will remove considerable heat. Twin fans also remove a lot of underbonnet heat, this means "heat soak" is reduced considerably, and there is also a failsafe should the main fan fail.

These fans are cheap and can be purchased secondhand easily, the control relays and wiring should also be included. As another precaution the second fan can be fitted with a cab operated override switch which will switch on the second fan if the system temperature rises.