Please Please help! My HiJet 993cc


I'm stuck!! My Hijet keeps overheating and I know that it is the temperature sensor/transmitter. When i bought the van, the guy told me the sensor had gone but he had fitted a temp. However this does nothing and it continues to overheat just 5 minutes down the road. Sad

How can i replace this sensor?? Scratch one-s head

Where is it? I think it's underneath at the back of the fan as i can see a bypass of the 2 wires coming out which the guy had fitted as a "temp".

I really need help with this matter. I'm so gutted as i love my van and realy want to take it further than just down the road. Please help! If anyone can give ANY advice or has had the same problem and resolved it, this would be appreciated!! Help

Many thanks


HI to fill up the coolant are you just filling under the seat where the rad cap is.If so thats not the correct way,remove the front panel by unsrew the orange finger grip locks.These are situated near the pedals on drivers side and one on pass.Remove front panel this will show rad top with another cap.With both caps removed fill radiator until it overflows on engine,refit the eng cap first then continue to fill rad.Replace cap on rad then start engine,at the front where the panel fits you should see a small bleed hose for heater.This requires bleeding to remove all air from heater.Hope this helps Mick

Mick H

Hi there. Many thanks for

Hi there. Many thanks for your reply.
Right, I turned the engine on, opened the coolant reservoir cap and opened the radiator cap. Filled the radiator up with water but it did not overflow onto the engine via the reservoir, as you said it should, it just overflowed on the radiator as if there was some kind of "blockage" >Sad . I'm really not sure what this means. In my opening question i mentioned about a sensor. Do you know anything about this also? I'm really stuck!! Help please


hia mate if you lift the pas,seat up and remove the cap allso the rad,cap. if you can blow into the cap under the pass,seat and if its not blocked you should be able too blow through the system. or remove a pipe an blow through that.have you herd any bublin sound in ya overflow tank? have your head gascate checked. allso is the pipes gettin hard wen its up to tempeture if they arnt replace caps. let me know the results mate


what next?

Ok I opened both rad cap and coolant reservoir cap situated under the pass seat. I then took pipe out of coolant reservoir cap and blew into it....nothing.....then i loosened the pressure valve cap and when I blew, it kind of pushed a little bit of water from the valve and that was pretty much it. I haven't taken it out for a drive in a few days so don't know if this has made much of a defference but i hardly doubt it.....? SadCray 2

sounds like that something

sounds like that something is blocked mate. try takin it 4 a run without the rad cap on and see how that gos. 1 thing wen it gets hot is the radeater hot top an bottom? let me know


overheating hijet

hi cake, ive just replaced complete top end gaskets, as had warped head, i machined head and block , bled, (i think corrctly, still overheats yet little rad temp to speak of! im not happy to say the least, any ideas Unknw could it be the temp sensor not doin its thang? if its the one i saw with big brass nutn near pass side front of expansion tank) please advise , cheers nic Cray 2 >SadHelpSmile


Thermostat !!

2003 Sirion Rally 4. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape Sirion much.Sorry.

This is the first time I have seen this sorry.

Have you replaced the Thermostat?

Iv'e read tons of stuff on here about overheating Hi Jets.
Yep the Head will warp and then need sorting out if the Hi Jet gets too hot.

But from all Iv'e seen on here. It would appear that the main problem is the Thermostat Sticking closed and not allowing the coolent to flow.

Hope this helps you in some way.

Cheers, Bob F.

2003 Sirion Rally 4. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape Sirion much.Sorry.

Thermostat is located under

Thermostat is located under the "hump" behind the front seats.
as you look at the opening, top left is where it is.
few quid or a new one.

there is a thermo-control switch. i have looked at my manual and it *looks like* its at the bottom of the radiator.
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If you remove the filler cap on the radiator at the front of the van, and the filler cap on the engine under the passenger seat, you should be able to fill the radiator. The water will flow through the radiator, then the bottom hose into the engine, and then overflow from where the engine filler cap fits once the engine has filled up. If you don't get this, then you DEFINITELY have a blockage somewhere, and it's nothing to do with the thermostat. Once you've established the blockage (and cured it), remove the thermostat (it's at the back of the engine under the 'hump' area ), and remove the centre core from the thermostat. Re-fit the body of the thermostat (or leave it out), and then the housing (with a new gasket), hose etc. Fill the radiator again until the water flows out of the engine. Re-fit the engine filler cap, and carry on filling the radiator until it's full, then re-fit the cap. Check that the plastic expanion bottle is half full. You can now start the engine and take the van for a test drive. The temperature should barely move off the cold position on the temperature gauge, and may possibly get to just over the half way mark when the engine is idling when the van is stationary. The cooling fan should come on at this point. If there is any hint of the van overheating, drain the cooling system, and add a bottle of K-Seal. This is made by Kalimex, and costs around £11 a bottle. It's available from all good motor factors, or from Kalimex themselves at Re-fill the cooling system as above. If this cures your overheating, your heater will blow cold air but you have to accept this compromise, because if you fit a thermostat, your engine will overheat.