2.8 TD drain plug thread?


Can anyone confirm that the 2.8td drainplug is a M16x1.5 thread? If so this matches the new Mini Cooper and makes my life easier.


To find the thread size measure the outside of the thread, then use a thread pitch guage to find the pitch of the thread.

Some were M14x1.5 and some were M16x1.5.

I have also seen many other threads where collars have been made and welded onto the sump drain to repair faulty drain bung threads.

Thank you. Mine is

Thank you. Mine is defeinitely a 16 but I wanted to be sure about the 1.5 thread pitch since they are a bit buggered. I am going to use a new plug and use a thread chaser(not a tap) to clean the pan threads up a bit.

sump pan

Sump threads are crap on fourtraks take the sump off the engine (easy job) and take it engine recon shop to put a good thread welded to it. Proper job

sump plug leaks

'91 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Lots of posts re leaks from sump plugs. The problem seems to that the treaded insert into the sump pan is seemingly only spot welded in a small number of places, with raised areas where the welding was placed, the plug relies on the deformation of the copper sealing washer to make a seal. I believe 'assassin' has made a post on this subject. I think he recomendes a 'Dowty' type sealing washer, with a form of plastic/nylon insert. The leak is not from the threads but from the welded insert into the oil pan. Though it is possible that damage to the sump plug threads could also contribute to oil leaks, then a replacment would be needed to be welded in.

As an aside I had this problem with a MK 1 Landrover sump pan,on which the threads were cross threaded/damaged, I removed the original sump plug insert and welded in a large nut, sealing with a 'Dowty'washer and shortened bolt.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX