Malfunction Indicator Light -> Charade


On my 2004 Daihatsu Charade (that is the small kind of Charade) the Malfunction Indicator Light came on. Or more specifically, it didn't fade after I started the engine and drove off. The car drove well, but after 200 meters I started to worry and drove it back onto the parking lot.

As it so happens, I already had a service booked for Tuesday (this happened Saturday). The manual suggests taking the car to a Daihatsu dealer to avoid damage to the catalyst.

However, here is my problem: the car is currently some 350 miles away from the dealer who does the service (long story why).

Do I a) drive the car to the dealer anyway and ignore the light for some 350 miles or b) call the RAC to have a look here (and loose my no-claims bonus) or c) run around like a headless chicken? Help please?

MIL illuminated

Do you have a local garage that has an OBD II reader, most will have. They can read most of the common codes.

There is a good chance that it is the O2 sensor (lambda) on the exhaust manifold, especially if you can smell petrol on start up.

So try your local garage first before driving to the dealer.