four wheeldrive doesnt work


I recently bought a daihatsu sportrak on a K REG.I have tried to put it in four wheel drive but nothing happens, the wheel hubs have autotrak written on them and the light comes on the dash when it is put into either 4h or 4l. all propshafts are there. Can anyone help please?


S McLaughlin

Unfortunatly it is more than

Unfortunatly it is more than likely that a previous owner has engaged the 4 wheel drive while the wheels are still turning, which is quite easy to do with the 4h button. This results in the hub being smashed up inside & 4x4 will not lock in. The best thing to do is convert the hubs to manual opperation which is a simple job with the conversion kit available from Milner Off Road . These hub kits are around £100 to £150 quid if i remember rightly & are really good quality & heavy duty, you just lock each hub individulay then use 4h or 4l like normal! Hope this helps!

no 4x4

'91 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Could be a numnber of things.

No engagement of front axle drive from transfer box, even thought light for H/R on or L/R lever engaged, actuator problem

Splines on sliding section of front propshaft worn away, hence not transmiting drive under load.

Front axle diff wrecked, or possibly partialy dismantled (due to damage by previuos owner).

Broken front halfshaft (most unlikly) power is taken to the axle with the least resistance ie the broken one, hence no drive.( this is also is noticable with auto hubs, when one fails to engage)

Now the auto hubs, the most probable reason you have no front axle drive. A common problem, lots of posts on site re this problem. ( Fourtraks and Sportraks) Auto hubs deteriate with age/lack of maintenance and fail to engage.

Lots of posts re all the matters. And how to check for the correct operation of the driveline. that I have mentioned are available re the 'Site Search' box on the left of the page.

Put the truck up on 4 axle stands and observe what rotates or does not, when you engage 4/L and 4/h at tickover RPM.

I previuosly had auto locking hubs, and found due to the lack of maintenance by the previuos owners, no lubrication, full of crud, and possible damage, and after many cleanings and greasings they were unreliable, with the result I purchased a replacement set of manual hubs from 'Milners', no problems, easy to fit, since as when you lock them in YOU KNOW they are locked in, no hoping the spring mechamnism will work WHEN you demand it. Just requires you get in the mindset to get out and engage the hubs BEFORE you may need to use them.

Sportrak manual hubs on 'Milners' site (top of page, parts dealers- Milners-Sportrak)) marked as POA but priced at £155 for a compleate kit

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX