Coolant Temperature Sensor-1300cc 1999-V reg Hijet van


Hello Hijetters, can anybody tell me where i can get a Coolant Temperature Sensor for my van and how much it will cost me please?? My van over fuels on cold start up and cuts out if you try to drive it straight away ( Floods).

My local garage tells me its this sensor that needs replacing as its telling the engine its too cold and giving it more petrol on cold start up.

It was quite bad in the winter months but seems to be getting better now as its warmer but i still want to sort it out as its bugging me something silly. Apart from that the van runs great and always starts first turn of the key in the mornings or after afew days standing.

The garage man said it should run lovely after its changed and my petrol consumption should go down too as it will be running correctly. Has anyone else had this problem before and sorted it??

I'd like to hear from anyone who has please.

Regards. Brendan ( Zebra 3 Hijet van)