cambelt change on daihatsu fourtrak f73


Hi can anybody give me a bit of info on changing my timing belt on my daihatsu fourtrak f73 fieldman as i can`t seem to get a manual on this at milner off road. the year of the fourtrak is 1998 on a R plate. Many thanks for reading this.

Cam belt

Cam belt is quite easy you don't need any special tools. Just remove air filter pipes and fan pully and belts inc PAS and you can then see timing cover, undo 4 small bolts in front pully then you can take off timing cover to see belt. align marks or add your own with tipex and you should be about done. Hope this helps Marcus

You can get manuel copies on

You can get manuel copies on CD on E bay for a few quid. Shows all the steps to set up the belt tension which needs to be done properly to ensure it lasts. Think I paid about £3.50 for mine, covers everything. Cheers.

If it's the first time

If it's the first time you've done one of these, I would also strongly recommend that you remove the front grill, intercooler and radiator. It makes access so much easier and the job will be far more straight forward. Removing/refitting the extra parts will only add a couple of hours to the job, and is also a good excuse to flush your cooling system and replace the coolant. Oh, and remove any accumulated oil from within your intercooler whilst you are in there.
Set number 1 cylinder at top dead centre on the compreesion stroke (remove the rocker cover so you can look at the rocker positions). Then everything will be roughly in the right place when you take the timing cover off.
After removing the front crankshaft pulley (put the car in 5th gear to prevent it turning), take off the timing cover. You then line up the dots on the 3 pulleys with the marks on the case before undoing the tensioner bolts and removing the belt. Make sure you dont turn anything in there once the belt is off, particularly the fuel pump pulley which moves easily.
Put the new belt on and tension up the belt by using a hexagonal wrench in the hole on the tensioner and then tighten the 2 tensioner bolts. Double check all the pulley dots still line up with the case marks and re-check the tension. It doesn't need to be over tight; but tight enough that it can't slip or jump a tooth. Too tight and you risk damaging the belt and the bearings in the tensioner and idler pulleys. As a guide, there should be no more than 1-2mm of displacement in the belt running between the crank shaft and cam shaft pulleys when you apply moderate force. Then just put it all back together.
Bob's your uncle. Enjoy!