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Hi ive just had my fourtrak tested:O , it passed but the tester said theres some play on the steering box.Can it be adjusted and how? iam passable on the spanners so i will be doing the work myself. thanks in advance Dion. Smile

steering box

'91 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Yes the steering box can be tightened up, But I do not have any idea how, mine was done by my local one man 4x4 workshop, as part of my annual service/ check . I did find the steering heavy and positive for a few weeks after, but got used to it.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

ANy luck finding out about

ANy luck finding out about this? I see it was a long time ago now, though. I would like to know how my steering box can be adjusted as there is a fair bit of play there.


Steering Gear Box adjustment


The steering box can be adjusted.

Wether the box to frame is loose (tighten the 4 attaching bolts to specified torque - use thread lock)

Or the steering gear is loose
- locate steering box in engine compartment
- there is nut with a screw on top of the box
- loosen nut
- tighten or loosen screw slowlyyy 1/8 turn at a time while checking for desired level
- turn steering wheel slightly (wiggle) right to left while holding screw to adjust steering wheel freeplay
- overtightening the screw can damage steering gears

From my experience. Yet I am not a professional.