glow plugs new relay


hello guys as i mention before that i had bad relay glow plug and i was advise to buy a separate relay,wires and switch and just heat them up by just pressing a botton for a couple of seconds. so my question is how many watts does the relay has to be and what size of wire should i use for it, i have 12volts glow plugs in my rocky 2.8 diesel non turbo.


Depends on the output and current upstart surge of the glow plugs, but if you have 12v plugs fitted are they identical to the 7v or 7.5v ones originally fitted to the engine.

I would anticipate they your relay should be in excess of 200 amps, this is about average for the upstart current of most common makes of glow plugs. Personally i would fit a 250 amp rated relay to be sure.