T reg silver Mira (classic ?) near Warfield today


As a recent owner of a Mira Avanzato, I was very pleased to see a T reg silver Mira earlier today, driving away from Tesco's in Warfield (near Bracknell).

We were driving in the opposite direction but I thought i noticed a wood steering wheel, so I'm guessing that it was a Classic.

As this is very near to where I live - if the owner wants to PM me then i'd love to meet up and compare wheels Smile


Mira spotted

Lucky for you, I've had my Avanzato for almost a year now and the only other one I've seen was at Japfest (Castle Coombe). Can't complain really though, thats probably more exclusive than these ferrari/lambo owners Smile


That was me at Japfest!

Silver 04 YRV Turbo


Hey Lewie, nice to meet another 'zato owner Smile I recognised the car straight away when you drove in. I was in the QR/CC section (just further down from where you were) if i remember correctly. Nice motor I must say, I'm currently in the process of getting mine back to its former glory LOL i'm looking for some wheels but can't find any Sad

zato @ japfest

hi guys i was also at japfest in my mira avanzato red in the diahatsu corner parked next to 2 charade gtti `s.I travelled all the way from watford to get there.