The Mighty Daihatsu Hi-Jet tackles the Mongol Rally!


Hi Chaps and Chapettes!

In July this year four dashing blokes will be attempting to journey from Sheffield in the UK to Ulaan Baatar in Mongolia completely unassisted in a 9 year old Daihatsu Hi-Jet 1.3!

The point if us bothering you fine ladies and gentlemen of the Daihatsu Driver's Forum is to pick your collective brains about what things are likely to fall off our beloved Hi-Jet as we endeavour to complete our insane travels. Questions you may be able to help with include:

What are common problems with our age and model of wagon?
What spares would you recommend taking?
How stable is the van? We were considering putting a roofrack on to store the spare wheels, but would this bugger the centre of gravity and cause it to topple more easily?
Is there an air-conditioning kit available?

Of course, any other handy information you can think of will be most gratefully received!

You can get to our action packed blog by following the link below. Plenty of info and of course pictures of our beloved vehicle:

More info on the rally itself is here:

Many thanks in advance for all your help!

Matt, Paul, Andy and Paul