Tyre sizes


Hi, just wanting to know if 235/75/15 Maxxis Trepador tyres will fit a standard Fourtrak TDS Fieldman F73, or will i need to get a lift?http://www.offroaders.com/tech/AT-MT-Tires/Maxxis_Trepador_Radial.htm

and what tyre is everyone else running there fourtrak on? Cheers

They are perfect


235/75/15 are perfect for the F73. No lift or mods needed. Even think that they come stock on some models. Had them on my 1998 F73. Changed to 255/75/15. IMHO, wrong move. Improves the looks of the ride somewhat but affects its gear ratio and makes it loose some torque. I actually regret I did that. I am waiting for those to get worn to switch back to 235's.
There you go.
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