Hijet 993 '96 blue smoke when engine's under load?


I just got my hands on a tidy hijet from a family friend, he described a problem where blue smoke is emmitted when you get the thing up a hill, and on tickover there's a slight knocking noise (guess that's why i got it free) otherwise it's very driveable Pardon

I just finished doing car mechanics at college and i've got a lot of time on my hands, so i'm prepared for bad news Biggrin

cake1..... mite be ya cam

cake1..... mite be ya cam mate?. were is the knockin comin from? top ,, bottom of engine? gis some more clues and see wot we can come up with ok mate..... mark,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Cheers for the quick

Cheers for the quick response, this is quite a small forum!
Think the knocking is coming from the top of the engine, got a sinking feeling it might need work on the valves =/

I'm embarrased XD Just took

I'm embarrased XD
Just took it for a spin for another check, that it's quite a lot of smoke, i think i may have blinded the guy behind me.. might have to invest in a new cylinder head, think the valves might be the problem, i also found out it had been run with a low amoutn of oil for a bit and tat might have caused it, is this still worth a try? i'm unsure now =X

Lots of reasons ..........

The list is endless ..... rings, worn cylinder bore, worn valves/seals, holed piston, cylinder head cracked into an oilway, head gasket cracked into an oilway, wrong oil in the sump ........

You are the expert !

Start at the top.. and work

Start at the top.. and work your way down.
a decent Hijet costs £4-800+
so if you were to spend that on the engine getting it sweet.. you have gained a decent van. if it costs less to sort, bonus.

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