Daihatsu Sportraks' last FOREVER


Hi All Daihatsu Owners,
Just thought I would write and tell you all about my experience with Mr
I joined the Daihatsu Club when I was having trouble with my 1990
Daihatsu Sportrak. After having had her for 18 years, she nearly had to
go...........But I couldn't afford another car and who knows whether I
would be buying a car that would be trouble free???
But I found a site called Mr Engine, who do low millage reconditioned
engines for all Japanese cars and she came back to "life again".
The cost was 350.00 including 58.00 delivery charge. They
delivered straight to the garage of my mechanic the next day. They
even gave me 50.00 for my old engine and a 6 MONTH GUARANTEE (on
parts for the new engine).
Unfortunately I had a small problem with the engine, the
replacement part was sent immediately.

Five months later there was another problem, which I wasn't
happy about. The dreaded camshaft was making a noise.
I knew my 6 month guarantee was nearly up so rang Wayne
at Mr Engine. He was very helpful and thought it most unusual and
suggested that I bring the car to Barking
for them to have a look at it. Barking is only an hour
from where I live and I was going to London that weekend anyway. Ian,
who also works for Mr Engine very kindly
dropped me at the tube station.
They weren't happy with the engine and at their EXPENSE,
replaced it for another engine and fitted it for me FREE. The 6 month
guarantee covered parts BUT not labour. I was over the moon and my car now runs beautifully now.

Previously I had dealings with Jap Parts at Heathrow, where I
purchased a rear motor wiper which carried a 1 month guarantee. They
charged me £37.00, £7.50 was the carriage charges. It DID NOT WORK.
I phoned them, they told me to send it back and I had to PAY the postage to send it back to them.
This was NOT refunded and I was not refunded the £7.50 carriage
charge either. They also messed me about a bit before I finally got the
refund of ONLY £20.00 and I had nothing to show for it. I had also paid
£15.00 to have it fitted...............
VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE - will NEVER use them again!!!

So FANTASTIC Service From Mr Engine. I told them that because they
had looked after me so well and I had had such bad service, only a
month before from Jap Parts, that I was going to mention them on the
Daihatsu Site, as they deserved to be recognised for the great service they give.
Also £300 pound for a second hand low mileage engine is a steal anyway. They have since moved to bigger premises and have a garage near them who will fit the engines for you.
Remember your Daihatsu, however old, ain't finished until youv'e spoken to Mr Engine.
Their link is: http://www.mrengine.net/