1500cc Sirion crank


How different is the 1500cc motors to the 1300cc, is the blocks the same? I want to put the crank into my YRV turbo to make it a 1500. Will the crank fit in the YRV turbo's block? I am hoping that it is only the stroke that is different but if the bore isn't to much bigger it could be bored out a little too? Any info will be appreciated?

06 YRV Turbo - 138kw(+-180hp) & 256nm @ 1.2 bar
57mm downpipe and freeflow
Unichip - UniQ
CAI with K&N Cone Filter
Boostcooler(50% water/meth)
35mm Tein springs
15" SSW Sting rims
custom bracebar & control arm bar
Co2 home made system
15.0s 1/4mile & 179km/h 1/2mile

The crank with those two

The crank with those two models is EXACTLY the same... even the VVTI fits. The only difference is the head of the engine which the 1500cc has bigger intake and exhaust valves. I have already found a second hand from a crashed and within the next few months I will install it and let you know. According to Daihatsu Greece is Plug and Play... and it ROCK as an upgrade for the K3-VET.

the 1.5 sirion has a bigger stroke but same bore with the k3ve... engine code for 1.5 is 3szve and it looks exactly the same as the k3ve.. .

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