Terios Automatic Transmission problem!


Please can any one give me advice. I have a 1998 (S) Terios. It is a great little vehicle but it has had a problem for a long time now and I need to get it fixed. Basically the automatic gearing changes irratically, it either changes rapidily and not always when its necessary, or you can pull onto the motorway and it doesnt go up a gear for ages, and is screaming a bit. Im worried this is an expensive problem?? Does anyone have any ideas???

Check the auto box fluid

Check the auto box fluid level, this should normally be done with the vehicle warmed up. Check the handbook if you have it for details.

If you don't have the handbook, hold the footbrake down and select all the settings from P R N D 3 2 1 slowly and hold at each for about a second.

Do this twice and then check the fluid level with the transmission dipstick. it should be between half and threequarters of the way between the dipstick marks.

If the fluid is low or smells 'burnt' and isn't a clear and reddish colour, that may be your problem.

Start with the easy cheap things first!

Like yrv130 said, check it

Like yrv130 said, check it 1st. I used a cheap ATF to flush my auto box and then used Castrol Transmax Z , it solved all the problems. In about 5000kms I'll flush again, change filter and use Transmax Z again.

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