Exhaust scrubber on an imported Feroza


Hi all.
I bought a 1998 Feroza new in Oman and eventually half drove and half shipped it back to UK. Before it could be registerd it had to pass a single vehicle inspection test and had to have a few simple and a few equally ridiculous jobs done (such as taking the spare wheel off for the day and putting it in the back!)
One bigger job that was required was the fitting of a staight through scrubber in the exhaust pipe to reduce the emissions to a passable level. This I was told would last about six months but is still working nine years later.
My problem is that it now rattles as the baffles have become loose, any idears where I can get a new one? The garage who fitted the old one has closed.
All thoughts and idears welcome.
I love my Feroza, in 11 years its never let me down not bad for a car that has had very little TLC.
Bye and thanks.



Its true I should have said catylitic convertor, but it was fitted without all the oxygen sensor bits and I dont know if a standard cat. works in this sort of set up.


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