Fourtrak front seat tilt does not lock


Hi All,

I have a fourtrak which has a problem with the tilt mechanisum on the drivers seat. Basically after tilting forwards to get in the back it will only lock in a very reclined position. The more upright positions feel like they lock but it just pings back to the next one when pressure is applied to the seat.

I do have access to another fourtrak to pinch parts from if necessary, but before I start doing that I was wondering if there was anything that can easily be adjusted to fix this problem?



Locking seat

Try spraying the assembly with WD40 or similar, as I also had a similar problem and this sorted it out.
It also could be due to burrs forming on the rachet notches, you may be able to use a chainsaw file to smooth out the reccesses, but not sure if you can that much access to the rachet notches.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX