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Any one have any current prices and Supermarket brands which have cost effective prices for New Rapeseed Oil. My local Tesco's for Diesel is £1.8p per litre, and the cheapest New Rapeseed Oil is £1.00 per litre. Just hate paying all that tax on my fuel. This is in the Bristol area.

Low price for New veg oil

Just bought Tesco brand 'New Rapeseed Oil' for 80p per Ltr, in 3 Ltr bottles ,their diesel is 105.9p per Ltr, so I am back on the 50/50 mix again. Wonder, the new crop of rapeseed must have started to get to the crushers by now, is this having an affect on prices, as noted same last year. !!!!!

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With fuel prices dropping, and rapeseed demand rising there was nothing to be gained from using it, rapeseed saled dropped.
Seeing this drop in sales many supermarkets reduced their prices to avoid holding significant stocks as they are contracted to take set amount from their suppliers or face massive penalties. These projections led to contracted supplies which were based on sales figures which were rising, and supermarkets raised prices as it was a windfall for them.

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When diesel prices rose, the price of New Rapeseed Oil, was steady for a few weeks , then rose almost over night, to a point where it was cheaper to buy diesel, New Veg Oil was up to 20p dearer than diesel per Ltr, and there was an implied world shortage, as many people claimed ??????.

My local price ex supermarket for New Veg Oil has been steady at £1.05/ £1.20 for quite some time,and has not warrented purchasing New Veg Oil, this week a price crash !! ,dowm to £0.80 per Ltr. and they now have a limit on purchases, ( 9 items) so thats 9 x3 Ltrs only visible at the customer service desk, not at point of sale !!!

And there are reports that fuel price are to rise again to the high levels we experienced last year.

Note !!! I did visit a discount store in Devon last week where diesel was selling at £0.94p per Ltr !!!!!!!! ( Trago Mills)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX


Its nothing to do with a world (supposed) shortage, this is the usual excuse trotted out by the supermarkets to try to justify price hikes.

They are all contracted to take a guaranteed quantity over a specified time period, this means the price they pay is a fixed price. If world prices rise or fall it has no effect on the supermarkets as they are paying a fixed price for this fixed quantity.

The problems arise with the estimating of quantities sold, this was often estimated when the sales were rising, and the contracts drawn up with suppliers, and the prices fixed. The downside are the suppliers penalty clauses, if the supermarket chains do not take up their contracted quantity they end up with horrific penalty payments.

When fuel prices rose their ordering systems automatically noted an upsurge in sales, they thought there was a significant demand, so put up prices, their bonus if you like. This is common practice on what they term essential items, and applies to anything which their ordering system flags up automatically as significantly increased sales.

As fuel prices fell they were still under the contracted or contractual conditions, and the penalty payments loomed large in their minds. They were contracted to take huge quantities which would not sell, so they drop their prices to avoid penalty payments and make sales. If their sales are not high enough to sell the contracted quantity it will be put on special offers of one type or another. Tesco also have the same problem with Walkers crisps.
They will begin by dropping the price, but limiting purchases, then it may revert to buy one get one free if they do not look as though their sales will meet their contracted supply quantities.

Interesting this procurement lark, and more involved than many people think.

vege oil

well has it come down in price yet, heard makro selling it cheap

The best prices are at

The best prices are at wholesalers who sell it in 25 litre drums, then give additional discounts for buying several drums.