Tow hitch moving- 993 Hijet EFI + pics


the tow hitch was/is on the van before i bought it and was a bonus as i do want to tow small stuff.

last weekend i hitched a small generator that has its own trailer. when i got to the end of my 15 mile journey, a m8 of mine was reversing it (as i have no idea how), i was behind spotting him when i noticed the hitch moving up and down separate from the bumper/suspension. to me that says the hitch brackets arent on properly!

anyone know if the hitch is/isnt supposed to move... 1/2" play up/down?
also get squeaking on rough/uneven roads.. that i found to be part of the hitch bracket touching part of a panel

Tow Hitch


It should NOT move, any play suggestes loose bolts/mountings.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

for all i know, it wasnt

for all i know, it wasnt mounted right in the 1st place!
need to get back end up so i can check out a few things inc hitch play.
hitch wiring is shorting somewhere when i apply brake and indicate at same time. let off brake and indis work fine..
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found why the hitch has

found why the hitch has play!
who ever fitted the hitch did NOT fit a rear backing plate! see pics below
the bolts go through the bodywork and only have a washer + nut. when i pulled on the hitch i could see the end of the nuts waggling a few mm!

i will measure up what size plates i need x 3-4mm thick and get them cut monday from a local metal merchant. drill them and fit them, think i'll also fit new bolts + nylock nuts

Orientation as you stand facing the front.



one wire is also sandwiched by the washer!
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