1998 tdx Fourtrak starter motor??


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Hope someone can help; I have a 1998 tdx Fourtrak which appears to have a starter solenoid problem. It is abroad at the moment and I am here in the UK for another week. Question: is a 1994 Fourtrak starter the same as mine and will it fit without problems? I understand that there are things that I can check/replace before 'writing off' the original starter completely, but even so it would be useful to have a replacement starter/solenoid as long as it is the correct type.

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If the starter solenoid is

If the starter solenoid is sticking, try wacking it with the wooden handle of a hammer (NOT the hammer head!)
If the starter gear is sticking and not disengaging from the flywheel, try putting the car in gear and rocking it back and forwards with the handbrake off. This turns the engine and can get the starter gear to disengage the flywheel.
As far as a different starter motor goes, I would be very surprised if they were not the same as these engines changed very little over the years, particularly the ancillaries such as the starter. I would caution though that I definitely do not know for sure whether it will fit or not. Probably worth taking a chance though.
Hope that helps.