YRV 1.3 TOP modifications


Hi Daihatsu Fan's

Last December I got the chance to buy very cheap a crashed YRV GTti (Turbo), he hit a Tree with the co-drivers door at about 80 km/h.

So I own a "normal" YRV 1.3 TOP (87 PS)and last week I builde into my red YRV TOP the engine, the Automatic Gearbox (before Manual Gearbox), the complete wirering diagram and all the things that a normal YRV different from a standard YRV to a GTti.

I have a few problems with the wirinig diagram from the Turbo, but I fixed it.

Actually I test the car and next Friday it goest to the car testingstation to (sorry I don't know the right word), and then it will be "legalized".

It makes really a lot of fun actually drive the "new" YRV GTti Smile


I have a Yrv turbo 130. That is silver has lexus lightsand a spoiler. It is an 04 reg I bought for £8500 at Chandlers Melton Daihatsu garage