Weld it or scrap it???


Hi, thanks for checking my post. Just took my sporty for an M.O.T and it failed on one of the rear leaf springs and some welding. Not bad considering it's been standing for over 2 years. Needs welding on the sills under the doors which is not too much of a problem, but it also needs welding inside the rear arch. If you look inside the rear drivers side wheel arch, parallel to the rear wheel you will see a sideways facing 'D' shape with a nut inside it. Now i need to know what is attached to the other side of that nut, and if its going to be possible to cut a piece from another sporty to repair it. Its about a 6 inch section around that that has to be replaced. My dad is going to be doing the work as he is a master welder/fabricator so if it can be done it will be done. I just need to know whats the other side of the arch before he has a look. I know I'm going to have to remove the fuel tank and probably replace the lines because their quite corroded but other than that and the usual corrosion related problems, I'm not too sure what to expect. Any tips or suggestions would be great. I really want to try and keep my sporty on the road!!

To Be or Not To Be

If the work is limited it would be wise to repair the vehicle, particularly if you have access to an expert to perform the repairs, and i would preserve the vehicle at the same time.
If you wish to keep the vehicle it would be wise to remove the fuel tank, and while its off, remove old underbody treatment and schultz the entire underside. Cover this with copious quantities of good underseal, several coats, and ensure it is plastered to protect it.

Spray the inside of the chassis and sills with old engine oil to preserve this also, but have plenty of containers handy to catch the drips from the drain holes.

Follow a similar procedure for the inside floor, clean thoroughly and protect.

This way you will find any potential problems and be able to rectify them, and while it is time consuming, it is worth it if you wish to keep the vehicle.