Help with info and insurance on a Mira Classic Turbo 1999


Hello there, im hoping to buy a UK Mira Classic Turbo, but most insurance companies either havnt heard of it, or try to say its an import but im sure it wasnt, or they qoute a price for the avanzo. can anyone recommend a specialist insurance companie for daihatsus? also does anyone have much information on the car? i cant find out much on it Sad
Thanks!! Smile


whats that? national union of farmers? im not a farmer!


You don't have to be a farmer to get insured with NFU, they specialise in 4x4's and stuff.What insurers have you tried? Don't they normally find your car by the reg?


that site lists the earlier miras but not the 1999? Smile


OK, I guess the search continues.....don't you want a sportrak instead? lol Blum 3


thanks! i thought you might have to be in the union or something? could be worth a try! Smile most ive tried so far ask for the model and then say it doesnt exist!