Air Conditioning Compressor for 1999 Fourtak TDX


Air conditioning stopped working, belts replaced, system serviced and re-gassed, still not working, garage says its clutch in compressor thats faulty and will be just under £1300 to repair!!!! Anybody else had a similar problem and if so what were your repair costs. Many thanks.


These are magnetically operated units, so it is likely that a winding has gone, or it has a poor connection.

What i do is to obtain a similar clutch from specialists, or aftermarket items from robotics suppliers, and machine the housings to fit them. As they are standard sized units, finding an aftermarket unit should not be a problem.

One other option is to lock the clutch permanantly, this means the air con will work all the time, not a bad thing as the gas lubricates the seals. This is why they should be run for at least half an hour weekly, it also prevents the shafts from sagging, this causes the seals to leak also.