hello everyone. can someone tell me how many miles per gallon i should be gettin out of my hijet. its the 993engine. ive just had the head gasket done and im sure i was gettin more per gallon before i had it done. is there a certain way to set the engine up? any help welcome

cake thanks mate 4 ya

cake thanks mate 4 ya replie.ive put a 5ver in 2nite an 5ver in can see how far that gets me. but im sure mine holds a lot more than 2ot odd quid. let ya know mate,,, thanks again ..mark


lol.. it must be because i

lol.. it must be because i ride a motorcycle that i work out tank range differently.

when you get a new bike (as most do NOT have fuel gauges), you fill the tank to the brim, reset the trip to 0000000, make sure your not on reserve and ride the bike until it runs out of fuel. (now you use reserve)
then you check the trip for how far that one tank takes you. -20 miles for petrol station hunting and thats the average fuel/mileage worked out.

as the van doesnt have a trip... i used the Odo instead, from tank full till needle touched the empty line.
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