sportrak auto hub removal


Hi, Ihave a '92 sprortrak elxi with auto front hubs, the front brake discs need changing but I just can't see how to remove the hubs, have had a look and undone some bits without success, I would appreciate some detailed advice if anyone can help, cheers ted Help

hub removal

I've just had the autohubs off my sportrak,once you've got them off there is a split ring around the inside and outside of the autohub brake.The a/hub brake inner should then pull out this has specail grease on it so keep it clear of other grease.There is two torx fastners inside the centre plate remove these.That's as far as I got.Have you got the manual for the sportrak(F300-rocky-feroza)I've got one on pdf.Let me know and I'll e-mail it.

auto hub removal

Ted £s, cheers horsethief, I have a cd manual and have got auto hub bits off up to point you mention but to get actual hub and discs off is not shown and I can't see how to get locknut etc off; anyone got ideas/help please?

Ted £s

Same problem!

Hi. Sorry to jump in on your thread but I have the same problem. I just spent a couple of hours, got nervous and put it back together again! (Minus the large circlip just under the hub cover which is held on by 5 star head screws). I just can't get that back on.

Any help would be gratefully received. So far I;

Removed outer hub cover and circlip
Removed the large hex cap head screws that seem to go through the dic.
Removed the 12mm bolt from the centre of the hub. That's scary - it turns the hub mech?
Slid the splined,whatever it's called thing off having marked it but still tricky to get back on...
Removed the spiral snap ring?

There is no movement on what I think is the brake shoe and in the conditions today I could not see well enough to continue.

Am I on track and how easy is from here?