Slipping Clutch on Sportrak


My clutch is starting to slip a reasonable amount and occasionally does make a hot smell so I am guessing it is nearing the end of its life.

I know I personally would have no chance of doing it myself but a friends mate is an Ex Rover mechanic and I thought maybe he could do it if it is not a too difficult job. Looked at the serice manual I have on CD and soon as it said "remove transmission" it seemed like it is going to be a huge job?

I know a clutch is going to cost me around £100 pricing up from milner and birmingham 4x4. So it's either bung my mates friend some money to do it if its not as hard as it sounds. Or pay somewhere to do it. Which is the most realistic? As not sure how much longer it will last as it slips on the motorway when cruising at times so I guess it not have too much long left. Help

A word of advice, if you deci

A word of advice, if you decide to do it yourself, or with a mate, and you dont have access to a hoist, remove the entire motor/gearbox/transfer case assembly, then split the motor/gearbox on the ground. The frustration level will be greatly reduced.

Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt, and

Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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Before you do anything drasti

Before you do anything drastic, does it not just need adjusting?

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Good point

I hadn't considered that it might need adjusting. Will see if it needs that before going any further down the replacing the clutch route. Although isn't it a self adjusting clutch?

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Easy enough to adjust....Just

Easy enough to adjust....Just release the locknut and adjust the thread till things are better.
A clutch (these days) should go for at least 100k given normal conditions. I actually aquired one from someone's garage clear-out which I was going to fit but now can't be ar*ed so if it needs one I'll give you a better price than Milners Eye-wink

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty


My Sportrak's done 80k, so depending on how the previous owners have driven it, it could be on it's last legs. Does if its done any offroading affect the clutches condition too? As I am sure that it has done some offroading in the past, tho may well be wrong. The clutch does operate near the top, which I thought was normal for a Sportrak from reading an old review somewhere on the net. Operates from just below the metal footrest (if your Sportrak has one) upwards.
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